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About Sumi

         Sumi Lashes, established in 2014, with ten service chain store model in Los Angeles, focuses on eyelashes extension, semi-permanent makeup and other personalized customization services. This model, through standardized services and management, effectively improves service quality and reduces operating costs, offering customers high-quality eyelash services. Here is a detailed introduction to the eyelash extension chain store model:

1.Brand Building and Standardization

 By unifying brand image, service processes, and technical standards, customers can expect the same quality of service experience in any store. This standardization not only enhances the brand’s professional image but also facilitates supervision and quality control 

2.Professional Training System

Establish professional training centers to systematically train lash artists in technology and customer service. This includes basic knowledge of eyelashes, the latest developments in lash technology, customer service, and communication skills. Through professional training, lash artists can master high-level techniques to better meet customer needs.

3. Personalized Services

Although the services are standardized to a certain extent, Sumi Lash also pay great attention to personalizing services. Customized eyelash solutions are provided based on customers’ specific needs and preferences, such as lashes of different lengths, curliness, thickness, and various styles. This personalized service allows customers to obtain more satisfactory results that better suit their individual features.

4.Brand Products and Professional Toos

The importance of branded products and professional tools are not only affect the quality and results of the service but are also key in building customer trust and brand reputation.Using high-quality branded products and professional tools can enhance the effects and durability of the service, reduce the risk of allergies and discomfort,Increase customer satisfaction

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